Goodbye San Antonio

It is now just past midnight. Officially the day we say “Adios!” to San Antonio. My first travel assignment has been filled with so many emotions. Worry if I’m making the right choice to go on this journey. Uncertainty about the future,   And frustration about the things I cannot control. Mostly I feel thankful and happy. It has been a blessing to see all the things SA has. I have learned a lot about myself in only these few months! I love hiking. In Louisiana there was only flat land and swamps, so I hadn’t realized how invigorating a stroll in the woods with nature is. The different tree varieties reaching their branches out to provide a seat for a singing bird. It has been lonely at times not having friends or family, but it has made me realize that in part I was being a certain person to make others happy. I was trying to love my life to fit their standards and to have what they have. Here, it’s only Nick and I and we can find our true selves. I have learned to relinquish my control over things because on this journey there are so many variables I can’t control. In a way that is the beauty of it. Giving up control and allowing everything to fall into place.

We are moving to Milwaukee, WI after we make a short pit stop through LA for a mini vacation and some family time. Im reminding myself to have faith and let God take control. In one week we are moving to a state where I have a job, but I still don’t have my nursing license to work there and no appartement. Yet, everything must still go into the car and hope it all works out.


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