hi, i’m brie.

Hi! I’m Brie!… Well, not really. My name is Sabri, but close friends have always called me Brie. Not to be confused with the yummy cheese variety! I assume you will be calling me that as well because hopefully one day we will feel as if we are best of friends. P1000653





Can I tell you something personal future bestie? When I was very young my grandmother would mail me birthday cards. I still have one today with a quite worn out little mouse on the front. She would always spell my name wrong in the card, writing it as “Sabree.” It would drive me crazy! But now that I’m older, she has passed away, and I’ve been called every variation from Sabrina to Fabreeze, her mistake doesn’t seem so big. I rather miss it. So, whenever I spell “Bri”, I like to add a little “e” at the end to remember her.  Consequently, I have stolen some poor cheeses identity, and have now eaten thus cheese. The food sampling isn’t done yet, though!


Just tried Dragon Fruit! 





Four months ago, I made the decision to become a travel nurse. My husband, puppy dog, and I packed everything we could into my Honda Fit and moved to San Antonio, TX. Now we are spending our free days exploring our new city, learning about how vastly different each place is, and discovering ourselves. We have of course been trying new food as well! I have started this blog to take you along on the journey!







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